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It is not tied down to that game, but they both came out in a similar time frame, a few months if I remember correctly. I am a massive fan of The Next Generation, that was the Star Trek that I grew up with and as my dad was a fan too, we always would get the new Star Trek games, PC gamers had it made with Star Trek games back in the day and this is one that often gets forgotten about. The main game mode sees you get to take control of one of five different civilizations.

Everything in Star Trek the Next Generation Birth of the Federation is themed around The Next Generation so if that particular form of Star Trek does not float your boat, you may have a tough time getting into this. The goal of the game is to be the supreme force in the galaxy and to do this you have to deal with the other civilizations in various ways. You cannot just steamroll your way across the galaxy, you must use diplomacy and also develop your own civilization with various technologies and so on as well.

In order to reign supreme, you have a lot of work to do. There are many different tactics that you can do in this game. You can wage war, you can try and get along and you can even dabble in a bit of espionage as well. In order to get the best ships so you have a chance in battle, you will need to research technologies. There is a great deal going on and I feel that one of the strengths the game has is that everything is easy to figure out and you learn by playing. The only issue I really have with Star Trek the Next Generation Birth of the Federation is that the more areas of the galaxy you take control of, the more micromanaging you have to do.

I found myself getting a bit bored the further I got into the game and while I did finish my playthrough as The Federation I never felt the desire to go back and try with a different civilization. The battle system in the game is very simplistic, when two ships meet you can battle and all that happens here is you will be giving orders and then watching as they happen.

The battles are over very quickly. To me it is like they were an afterthought, you can move the camera around a bit if you like, but the game is not exactly a looker so I am not sure you would want to! It is not a bad game by any means, it handles the strategy part pretty well. However, it is not a very exciting game and I say this as someone who loves The Next Generation. It gets rather boring and I could never see myself playing through it will all five factions.

He’s got a point. While the aim of the game is essentially to ‘boldly go’, the option to control one of the five major Star Trek alliances the Federation, Romulans, Klingons, Ferengi and Cardassians means there’s potentially high replay value to be had while exploring deep space, and at the same time allocating resources for building up planetary defence, star fleets, technological advances and trade will no doubt prove a serious and intense challenge to Next Generation and strategy fans alike.

As far as combat goes, preparation is the key to success, with the emphasis on long-term strategy, resource management, formations and overall tactics rather than hands-on click and command. If it sounds a bit dull, the fact that the developers are using a customised version of the Falcon engine to portray what’s going on should hopefully liven things up on-screen, although this remains to be seen. But why not real-time?

In many ways it’s more like Civ or Masters Of Orion – you gotta have a strategy which can evolve. You’ve got to prepare and plan what you do. We want to draw the player into the rich world of Star Trek. Combat’s not primarily what Star Trek is all about.

It’s about exploring unknown universes populated with a multitude of races, making decisions and reacting to encounters and events in the right way. We want our game to reflect that. We first saw Birth Of The Federation some months ago, when it was obvious that this was a game that had major potential.

Although it’s not exactly what you’d call Civ in space, BOTF is similar in that it blends resource management with turn-based combat and diplomacy, and wraps it up within the massive Star Trek: Next Generation universe. In a nutshell, you get to control one of the five major alliances – Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Ferengi or Cardassian – each with their own particular strengths and weaknesses, and go off and colonise the galaxy.

Of course, it’s not just a case of sticking your flag into a planet and then moving on. Not only do you have to manage your own resources, economies and trade routes, but you also have to develop relationships with the odd different races, each with their own traits and individual agendas, if you want to succeed in expanding your empire. As much emphasis is placed on your ability to successfully seek out new worlds, develop or acquire new technology, and your diplomacy as it is on kicking cosmic arse.

And when the time comes that you are forced to use might, you’ll be wise to remember that success on the battlefield has as much to do with how you prepare as it does with your firepower. With this in mind, the turn-based combat in BOTF is focused on how you construct, maintain and refit your Starship fleet as much as it is on your ability to move your mouse. Engage a potential enemy at anything but full strength and you’ll be lucky to get half your fleet home alive.

If you want to, you can prepare your fleet and allow the CPU artificial intelligence to fight the battle for you while you watch. You can, of course, intervene at any point, but this Csit back and watch’ feature only emphasises the fact that, in true Next Generation fashion, BOTF is not about combat, war and killing, but exploration, diplomacy and tact.

Some will balk at BOTFs turn-based combat, while others will fail to appreciate the complexities of the Star Trek universe. However, if you’re a fan of Civ or Master of Orion, and if you’ve ever watched an episode of The Next Generation, you could easily find yourself becoming totally absorbed by Birth Of The Federation. Birth Of The Federation offers so much depth that we’d have to devote an entire issue to cover every aspect of it Don’t even think about it – Ed.

Even then there would be lots of eventualities we’d have to miss out. Not only does each game start with a randomly generated map, there are also many random events that pop up unexpectedly and change the way the campaign goes. What we can provide are some general guidelines to steer you through the diplomatic minefield and resource mismanagement that stand in the way of success.

You start the game with a scout and a colony ship for a very simple reason: your immediate objectives are to explore the galaxy around you and start expanding. Your scout ship has the greatest range and enables you to choose which way to expand where the uninhabited systems are, those rich in materials, those with a large capacity for growth etc.

Don’t spend too much time deciding where to establish your first colony though, as you need to expand quickly if you want your empire to be a force to be reckoned with and you can count on your rivals doing the same. You should also invest some time terraforming all the planets in the system you want to control. Habitable planets are crucial in terms of resources and future growth. If you encounter systems with dilithium, colonise them at once. Dilithium is the most precious material in the Star Trek galaxy, as it’s essential for the construction of ships.

Having these systems in your possession also means that other major races can’t access the dilithium in them – unless they’re after a fight. Don’t waste time grouping your ships into task forces – at this stage speed is of the utmost importance – otherwise you’ll be left lagging behind.

Which ships you decide to build next depends largely on how the galaxy appears around you as you explore it. If you see that there are a number of stars within scanner range that are in opposite directions, you should build another scout ship so you can cover the maximum amount of space.

On the other hand, if you’ve found a system with a wealth of materials and has loads of M-class planets close by, you should build another colony ship and start expanding. Try to balance your build list with structural improvements and essential facilities – if all you do is spit out ships, you’ll soon reach a point of stagnation.

The next ship you do build should be a troop transport, which you can use to establish an outpost. These are essential for expanding your range and area of influence, besides being of extremely high strategic importance.

If you expand quickly and early enough, you’ll have a large part of the galaxy under your control before you even have to start worrying about the other major races, particularly if you’re playing in a large galaxy. Another way to expand quickly is to convince minor races to join you. Not only will your range grow dramatically especially if their systems are some distance from yours , you can also use their resources and turn their worlds into factories.

It’s always a good idea to wait for them to develop before you offer them membership, because while a minor race is on its own it builds and evolves very quickly. Some races allow you to use special bonuses, like the Vulcan Science Academy, which boosts your research. The Bolians, the bright blue-skinned creatures, give you a 50 per cent increase in espionage, thanks to their aesthetic skills which are perfect for surgical alterations.

The Mentakans give you a per cent food production increase, and the Sheliaks give you a percent biotech research increase. Always try to get friendly with races that have similar features to your own, otherwise you could be wasting time and credits on a species that is never going to have more than a neutral attitude towards you.

If you pretend to be loving, caring and involve your new members in wars they have no interest in, you’ll see their morale drop. Always keep an eye on morale in all your systems, as it affects production ability. Diplomacy might be the key to the game, but unless you have a strong military presence you’ll eventually get wiped out by someone who does.

It’s always a good idea to build up your weapon systems with defence in mind to begin with, then think about going on the offensive. If your outposts or starbases are threatened, leave a starship there. When enemy fleets attack, they tend to concentrate on destroying the starbase, enabling your starship to destroy them unhindered. If you leave your starbases unprotected they’ll soon be obliterated. Create task forces of warships and keep them in strategically sound places.

When you’re ready to go on the offensive, it’s much more effective to confront an enemy fleet with a large task force than it is to have many ships scattered about. Keep command ships out of these task forces, since they only have a short range, thus crippling your strike area. To make sure the more powerful ships can reach faraway places, you need to either build outposts or gain control of minor-race systems. When your borders have been established and you’ve expanded as far as you can through peaceful means, you should concentrate your production solely on warships, ignoring colony and scout ships unless they’re really necessary.

At this stage, troop transports are much more useful than colony ones, since they greatly reduce the time required to take control of an enemy system. Welcome, terrestrially challenged people. We don’t wish to offend, we just want to be your friends.

With scarcely a dishonest bone in Its multicultural body, the Federation is the only empire to be made up of several different species.

It’s no surprise, then, that its greatest strength lies in diplomacy – the only way to keep so many races happy Is to balance everyone’s interests and find means of settling disputes other than by armed conflict. When playing as the Federation, you need to keep your reputation in mind and remember that your citizens expect nothing less than total honesty and peaceful exploration.

Declare war on an empire that isn’t threatening you, or colonise a planet using brute force, and you could have a potential revolt on your hands.

Likewise, break your treaties or turn your back on a friend and your people will be unhappy. On the other hand, when you play against the Federation you can manipulate their uprightness to your own advantage.

Once you have their confidence, It takes nothing less than evil tactics to make them declare war on you. When they do, their first priority Is to protect their own systems.

If one of them falls under your command, they’ll use all their military resources to regain it. Because the Federation expands through the generosity of its gifts to minor races, you need to convince these races to Join you first The virtuous humans It is science fiction, after all won’t encroach on territory you’ve affiliated through diplomacy, but they will try their hardest to liberate the systems you conquer. Surround Federation space with systems that have become members of your empire by choice, and you effectively cut any chance for their expansion.

Unimpeded by a whinging moral code, Klingons get to have all the fun. They’re single-minded barbarians who combine the latest technological advances in weapon research with a truly primitive mentality.

In some ways, playing as the Klingons involves the complete opposite of the Federation way.



Birth of the federation windows 10 download. Download Star Trek: The Next Generation – Birth of the Federation (Windows)


In addition to being one of the longer titles downooad strategy-gaming history, Star Trek: The Next Generation — Birth of the Federation has a few sownload notable aspects.

Not all of them are good, unfortunately, but all is not lost. This is a case where the preponderance of посетить страницу is solid enough to tip the scales to the positive side and should appeal to most fans of the Star Trek universe and keep them playing for a fairly long time. Birth of the federation windows 10 download get the most enjoyment from ghe title, the player must satisfy two essential criteria: they must be familiar with and enthusiastic about the Star Trek: The Next Generation series, and they must enjoy micro-management carried out on a very large scale.

The first requirement is important because the game’s roots are firmly embedded in the realm of The Next Generation and, fo such, contain no references to the original series other than generalities like starships, the Federation, and “boldly going where no one birth of the federation windows 10 download gone before. The dederation is a double-edged sword. Birfh you’re a true Trekker who doesn’t mind rolling up his sleeves and diving deep into the machinations of running a universe from nearly every conceivable aspect, Birth of the Federation will certainly be an immersive and satisfying experience.

For those who like computer-assisted help in handling small details and requirements of day-to-day operation, the game’s AI management is somewhat limited in a couple of cognitive areas, such as planet нажмите чтобы перейти and resource management. These limitations loom large in birth of the federation windows 10 download to the game’s most glaring problem: over-emphasis on combat. For winrows fans who bifth the original series and want to conduct birth of the federation windows 10 download in terms of peaceful exploration of new frontiers, be advised bidth having a significant and powerful starship fleet in Birth of the Federation is mandatory.

Although you can control any of the five major races in the game, each with specific qualities, attributes, strengths, weaknesses, agendas, and attitudes, it will become necessary at some stage to defend or conquer other races.

Indeed, the fereration single-player victory choices deal with domination 60 percent of the entire galaxy’s population and solar systems and vendetta you must completely eliminate the two major races pre-set as birth of the federation windows 10 download mortal enemies of your race.

In down,oad instance, heavy combat will be required. Some relief can be had through the capability hhe limit galaxy size and birth of the federation windows 10 download four options to control the number of minor races encountered. Although there is an option to allow the AI to manage your planets and resources, it becomes a massive chore in the late stages of the game. Unfortunately, the AI doesn’t always make the best choices and, subsequently, the down,oad must keep a sharp eye on every single planetary system under his or her ownership.

One feature I found to be unnecessarily tedious was the game facility for re-deploying and combining starships into specific task forces. Despite the aforementioned birth of the federation windows 10 download, the fact remains that the overall gameplay is entertaining, immersive, far-reaching, enjoyable, and stimulating. There is enormous appeal for fans of the turn-based strategy genre and, while it may not fulfill everyone’s читать полностью, it certainly provides a vast number of customizable features that guarantee fresh and diverse gameplay from a myriad of approaches.

Winodws doubt, the designers should be given high marks simply for having the foresight to produce a long-overdue turn-based strategy game set in the Star Trek realm.

Particularly impressive is the structure of the game world itself. The five major birth of the federation windows 10 download are extremely true to their television counterparts.

If you want to excel in ferocious and deadly combat from the start, select the Klingon race. Foment disorder through clandestine and subversive techniques as the Romulan Star Empire. Perhaps greed and profit нужные eplan electric p8 2.7 keygen free знаю your overriding ambition fhe if so, the Ferengi Alliance will do the trick. Military order, rigid discipline, and conquest fuel the fires of the ruthlessly efficient Cardassian Union, making them natural enemies of the Klingons.

Or, you can turn to the diplomatic windowa peaceful galactic exploration tenets of The Federation of Planets. The single thread that runs through these по ссылке races, however, is the requirement for substantial combat prowess as a means to their ends, whether it be forced or initiated in nature.

Birtj in-depth resource management model focuses on energy, food, downlooad industrial concerns inherent to each system, with a more universal approach to credits and the need for dilithium crystals the reaction catalyst for starship travel. The area of technological advance is wide-ranging but depends upon a somewhat rigidly constructed and systematic development of new products in six possible fields biotech, energy, computer, propulsion, weapons, and construction.

Development of each item in the technology database is dependent on earlier requirements being met. A chat screen, optional password protection for games, and tactical and strategic timers can be configured to control the rate of play. Up to five players, each representing a major race, are supported in multiplayer mode, with availability of computer-controlled races if needed or desired.

Comparison to other space-based strategic games is inevitable but the gameplay of Birth of the Federation nicely carves out its own stylized winodws in the genre. It doesn’t hurt that it’s built on the venerable Star Fedrration franchise, either. From morale impacts, trade routes, and new systems to explore and exploit, to energy management, construction, federatikn ship building more than источник modelsthe game is filled with literally dozens of multi-faceted aspects of control that require seamless integration and interaction in order to achieve success.

Challenging gameplay, attention to detail, intelligent decision-making, and a sense of adventure combine to overcome most of the shortcomings of Star Trek: The Next Generation — Birth of the Federation. Sharp detail on technology components and dozens of starships available. General star field screens are nice with excellent view of zoomed in solar systems. A very definite color pattern is utilized in determining on-screen ownership by the five major races with uninhabited sectors reflecting a sixth color.

Depiction of the major races is exceptionally well done with detailed representation featured serial number for 8 edition 8.2 free download all 30 minor races as well. A totally functional overlay system allows for ease in identification of various on-screen aspects of each system.

Sound: Rarely does one experience near perfection in computer games of any ilk. This game is one of those cases where wincows sound and music combine to create a veritable feast for the ears.

Voice acting is outstanding and the music induces the same feeling of spatial interaction last heard in the Star Trek movies.

Enjoyment: Little customization capability provided for starships and most other visual aspects detracts a There are too many minor and potentially annoying bugs to simply ignore and game lag can be a problem in the latter stages without a high-end machine.

A selective patch containing an extra summary screen here birth of the federation windows 10 download oc tad more customization capability there would result in the game being outstanding. As it is, my enjoyment level was ultimately as high as I anticipated and hoped for, however, my predilection toward any Star Trek related endeavor may at some level account for my ability to overlook the shortcomings oc enjoy the eindows from a “bigger perspective.

It should also be noted that the Borg contingent is alive and well within the game and add a sort of wild card to all race interactions. Replay Value: With five major races to choose from and dozens как сообщается здесь customizable game options including galaxy size and control over the number of minor alien races, replay is not only but a must for any serious Star Trek fan.

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